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Outdoor Activities in Niseko

In Niseko, the experience never stops – guests can enjoy different colors, smells and flavors all year long. Each of Niseko’s four seasons is distinctive in color and shape, offering different activities and extra joy to repeaters. For instance, in winter, the resort and surrounding field is covered with powder snow, creating a surreal fantasy world.

There is the best powder snow in the world in Niseko.

Other winter activities
Cross Country Skiing
Hiking in the Snow

Niseko 's Summer is full of fun activities;
Fully experience the nature with your five senses

Despite its fame for winter activities, Niseko also has a lot to offer from Spring to Autumn. For instance, river attractions such as canoeing and rafting are popular activities among people. There are also several hiking trails where hikers can enjoy the view and scent of trees and flowers uniquely grown in the local region.

Horseback riding
Hotair balloon
Stream fishing
Mountain bike

Niseko’s Four major golf courses

Just like skiers gather in Niseko, golfers worldwide also started to recognize Niseko and became attracted to the beauty. Niseko’s four major courses has gained popularity internationally among golf community.


Commercial areas that entertain your long stay

Niseko has various commercial facilities and restaurants, most of which are located at convenient places with easy access from the resort. For instance, shopping area offers a wide range of products from locally grown vegetables and dairy products to souvenirs and necessities.