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Handling of personal information

Handling of personal information
La Plume Niseko Resort TMK (hereinafter referred to as "the company") strongly recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and has implemented the following policies and measures to protect personal information in accordance with the relevant laws on personal information protection.

Comply with relevant laws and guidelines
The company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations.

Obtaining personal information, etc.
The acquisition of customer's personal information will be carried out in a legal and fair manner, and necessary matters such as the purpose of using the personal information will be clearly stated when the information is obtained, or announced on the company's website. Without consent, we will not use personal information beyond the scope of use.

Use of personal information, etc.
The personal information provided to the company will be used for the following purposes. If we collect and use personal information beyond the scope of the following purposes, we will send you a notify in advance and confirm your thoughts. The customer's personal information and retained personal data will be used for the following purposes.

1. Real estate sales, leasing and related agency, intermediary, management and other incidental businesses
2. Real estate leasing business and real estate subletting business
3. Condominium management and operation, and entrusted business of leased real estate
4. Real estate consulting business
5. Finance with real estate, securities, etc. as collateral and its intermediary or guarantee
6. Perform various pre-procedural or post-procedural affairs related to the contract/transaction
7. Sales activities carried out by mail, email, telephone, etc.
8. Market research, customer trend analysis or product/sales method development research analysis, etc.
9. Planning and production of various activities related to the company's business
10. Answers to queries and opinions
11. Provide and improve the products and services provided by the company
12. Maintain the services provided by the company
13. Provide personal information to third parties in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes of use with the consent of the customer or in accordance with laws and regulations.

Regarding the provision of personal information to third parties
In addition to the circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations, within the scope necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purpose of use, the customer's personal information may be sent to third parties in the form of writing, mail, telephone, Internet, email, information system, advertising media, etc. In addition, if we receive your request, we will immediately suspend the provision of personal information to third parties.
In addition, personal information shall not be provided to third parties in the following cases.

1. To provide personal information by entrusting the processing of all or part of the personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose
2. When it is necessary to provide personal information due to business succession due to merger or other reasons
3. When sharing in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act

Disclaimer regarding the provision of personal information to third parties
In the following cases, the company is not responsible for obtaining personal information from a third party.

1. When the user himself uses the functions of the company's services or uses other methods to disclose personal information to a third party.
2. When the user himself uses the company's services, he submits relevant information to the third party specific user himself.
3. When users provide and use personal information using external sites linked to our company's services
4. When the information (ID, password, etc.) that can identify a single user is obtained by someone other than the user
5. When the company cannot be blamed

In addition, the company may process the statistical data provided by the user when the personal information provided by the user cannot be identified. As it is impossible to specify individual statistical data, the company can use it without restriction.

Entrust the processing of personal information
We may outsource the processing of customers’ personal information. In terms of business operations, the company may outsource part of the business. When outsourcing, the customer's personal information may be entrusted to the outsourcing company for processing. In this case, we will select outsourcing company that can fully protect personal information and conduct thorough management and supervision.

Obtain and use attribute information/operation history records that cannot identify individuals
The company uses cookies to protect user’s privacy, improve convenience, place advertisements and collect statistical data. In addition, in the information provided at the time of member registration, we use technologies such as cookies and JavaScript to obtain attribute information that cannot identify individuals, such as age, gender, occupation, and residential area. (Limited to the content that cannot be specified), and can obtain the user's operation history on the website (visited URL, content, reference order, etc.).
However, cookies, attribute information and operation history records do not contain personal information. In addition, you can refuse to receive cookies by setting your browser. If you decline, some functions may be restricted.

Procedures required for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc.
When a notification about the purpose of use of the user’s personal information, disclosure, modification, addition or deletion of the content, suspension of use, deletion, and suspension of notification to third parties are requested (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure", etc.), the company will confirm After the user's identity, it will promptly respond to the personal information held by the company within a reasonable range.
However, if there is a risk of harm to the lives, bodies, property, or other interests of other users or other third parties, it is determined that it will seriously affect the company's business or violate the law. Not in this limit.
When requesting disclosure, etc., please contact the following inquiry window for detailed procedures.

Changes to "Personal Information Protection Policy" and "Privacy Policy"
Under the premise of not violating the law, the company can change the "Personal Information Protection Policy" and "Privacy Policy" at will.

Change of personal information, etc.
In principle, only the user himself can notify, disclose, correct, add or delete registered personal information, suspend use, and suspend requests for providing information to third parties for the "purpose of using personal information". However, the company cannot disclose personal information in the following cases.

1. There is a risk of harm to the life, body, property or other rights of the user or a third party
2. When there is a risk that seriously hinders the correct implementation of the service
3. Violation of other laws

In addition, when it is difficult to suspend the use of personal information, such as when the cost of suspending the use of personal information or suspending the provision of services to a third party is high (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc."), in order to protect the rights and interests of users, the company will not respond to requests such as suspension of use.
In addition, if there are special procedures for correction, addition and deletion of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "correction, etc.") that are stipulated in the laws related to the protection of personal information, the company may not accept corrections.

Restrict access to sensitive personal information
In principle, the company does not obtain personal information as follows. However, if the user provides the information, it is not limited.

1. Matters related to thoughts, beliefs and religions.
2. Race, ethnicity, family origin, place of domicile (not including information in the county where you live), physical and mental illness, criminal history, and other matters that may easily cause social discrimination.
3. Matters related to organizing workers' rights, group negotiations and other group actions.
4. Participate in collective demonstrations, exercise petitions and other matters related to the exercise of political rights.
5. Health care and sex life.

Personal information management
The company will take necessary and appropriate security management measures according to the various stages of acquisition, use, and storage to prevent personal data leakage, loss, damage, unauthorized use, etc.
All supervisors and employees must be educated to understand the significance and necessity of efforts related to compliance with relevant laws and protection of personal information, and to continuously improve the management methods and operations of personal information, and to provide necessary and appropriate supervision.

Inquiry window related to personal information
For requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of the use of customer personal information and the content of retained personal data, as well as other questions and comments about personal information, please contact the following inquiry window. If you receive a notice about the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, suspension or deletion, refusal to provide it to a third party, or any other questions, we will respond immediately within a reasonable range.
Inquiry window
Our company's contact information for complaints, inquiries, disclosures, etc. of personal information is as follows.

Complaints and consultations related to personal information
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