Enjoy your stay in Niseko
with various amenities and magnificent view

Nearly half of the total area is dedicated to amenities such as restaurants/bars, gym and pool, spa/onsen(Japanese hot spring) and sauna, and kids room etc. where guests can maximize their experience in a relaxing environment. All facilities are designed for guests to enjoy the gorgeous view of Mt. Yotai and surrounding nature.


Guests can simultaneously enjoy the best view and delightful dining experience over three types of cuisines – Japanese, Western and Chinese – each made of selective and fresh ingredients from the region.
Breakfast will be served in buffet while lunch and dinner could be buffet or a la carte.

Lounge and bar

The lounge and bar is one of the focal points of the resort – a place of extraordinary time with a sweeping night view. Entering the space, guests are welcomed by sonorous music and a selective collection of wines and spirits, including some of the rarest Japanese whiskeys.

The bar prepared terrace seats for nature lovers to embrace a little extra nature during their stay. The terrace is set up with comfortable outdoor seating for guests to enjoy the sun during the day and a drink at night with friends and families while overlooking the mountains.
The menu includes a selective choice of spirits around the world as well as local original drinks and hot beverages.

The prime attraction of the resort is the 11 – the 360 panoramic view amenity center – equipped with the Sky Pool, gym, indoor and outdoor onsen (Japanese hot springs), sauna/spa center, kids room and etc., offering guests a relaxing and refreshing moment.

100% natural hot spring

Niseko‘s natural hot spring has been regarded by the people as the source of healing since ancient time, and was selected as one of the 100 best hot springs in Japan out of 3000 hot springs. The hot spring is rich in mineral as the water is directly pumped from over 1000 feet underground. The resort also offers open air onsen (Japanese hot springs) where guests can immerse themselves in the “source of healing” in tranquility day and night.

List of public spaces

25m Sky Pool / Sports Gym (Locker for Contractors) / Hot Spring / Sauna / Massage Room /

Other Facilities

Kids Room /Ski Valley / Mahjong Room