The resort is located between Mt. Yotei and the main ski field Annupuri, where you can feel the magnificent nature of Hokkaido. It is designed like a unique hill terrain with the combination of “adventure along the mountain” and “feather-like shape”. The reception area is designed to welcome guests and upper floor amenities are designed to entertain guests with wonderful view of Mt. Yotei. and Niseko mountain range.

Exterior design

Shining snowflakes float like feathers
Gasping scenery and surreal space in fantasy

Features of
Exterior design
The glass surface reflects the subtle change in perspective, lighting and weather conditions as well as the change of seasons. It is designed to blend in the forest and give the impression of breathing with Niseko’s nature. In winter, the snow quietly falls and is reflected on the glass, and the warm light from the resort lights up the falling powder. The shining snowflakes float like feathers, creating a gasping scenery and surreal space in fantasy.
Classics of
Hokkaido and Niseko
There are many white birch trees in Hokkaido as well as in Niseko. The white birch trees are integrated into the exterior design. The view from restaurants grant you unlimited access to Mt. Yotei and the surrounding nature, where guests can indulge themselves in escapism.
About the
The central square is a heart-shaped area when viewed from above. The open space can host a variety of events such as weddings, stargazing as well as various snow plays in winter.
The colorful lights around the heart illuminate at night and light up a romantic atmosphere.
There are paths leading from the center to the woods, where guests can also enjoy footbath during their hike.


Kazuko Okuyama

  • First class architect

Interior design

Not only an art hotel, but also an experiential environment.

The plan is simple and modern, and each room is equipped with a kitchen or a mini kitchen, offering a "Home away Home”.
For rooms with private hot spring, guests can experience luxurious semi-outdoor onsen by opening the window to enjoy extra openness to feel the nature. In addition, rooms with living space are equipped with a fireplace, offering warm and comfortable time in the resort.

Interior Designer

Norihiko Shinya
(S.D.S. International Co., Ltd.)

  • First class architect(Japan)
  • First-class building construction management engineer (Japan)
  • The Architecture Department of Meiji University top graduate